B. Sc (IT)


1. A Candidate shall be admitted to the I year of the B.Sc.(IT) degree course only if he/she satisfies the following condition:
He/ She must have passed the higher secondary (multipurpose) examination conducted by H.S.C. board Government of Maharashtra with science / technical subjects Or an Examination of any statutory University and Board recognized as equivalent thereto.
He/She must have passed examination prescribed at the end of second year of the junior college conducted by the H.S.C. board, Government of Maharashtra with English, Second language, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and or Biology or one of the technical subjects prescribed at the said examination as the optional or elective subjects or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto. OR
Candidate having offered prescribed vocational course (MCVC) with Computer techniques/I.T./Electronics.
Three years Diploma Course in engineering conducted by the board of technical Education, Maharashtra State.

2. He/ She must have passed at qualifying examination. A candidate who has passed the B.Sc.(IT) examination of this university may be allowed to present himself subsequently at the degree examination in a subject or subjects other than those he has taken earlier provided that he puts in three years of attendance as a regular candidate for First, Second and Third year in the subject or subjects concerned excluding compulsory English, Second Language and remaining optional subject(s).


Sr. No Name of Subject
1     Computer Fundamental
2     Digital Electronics
3     8085 Microprocessor
4     Programming in C
5     Communication Skills
6     Mathematical Foundation
7     Office Suite
8     Digital Electronics Lab
9     Lab: 8085 Microprocessor
10     Programming in C
Note : Environmental Science Subject of 100 Marks (75th. & 25pr) is Compulsory for B.Sc(IT) Ist Year Student.
1     Data Structure
2     Operating System I
3     8086 Microprocessor
4     Adv. Programming in C
5     Communication Skills - II
6     Numerical Computation Methods
7     Data Structure & O.S.
8     8086 Microprocessor
9     Adv. Programming in C
10     Numerical Methods
1     Analysis of Algorithm
2     Operating System II
3     DBMS – I
4     OOPs using C++ – I
5     Statistical Methods
6     IT Tools and Application
7     Pr. Based on IT309AT
8     Pr. Based on IT312AT
9     Pr. Based on IT304CT
10     Pr. Based on IT325T
1     Soft. Proj. Mgmt-I
2     DBMS using SQL
3     DCN – I
4     OOPs using Java –I
5     Computer Graphics – I
6     ASP and JSP
7     Dataware hsg.and DM
8     Linux
9     Pr. Based on IT327T
10     Pr. Based on IT310AT
11     Pr. Based on IT315AT/ IT328T / IT321AT/ IT317T
12     Pr. Based on IT315AT/ IT328T / IT321AT/ IT317T
1     Soft.proj.mgmt-II
2     Internet Security
3     Wireless networks
4     OOPs using Java–II
5     E-Business
6     Multimedia Tech
7     XML
8     KDD
9     Pr. Based on IT326T
10     Pr. Based on IT310BT
11     Pr. Based on IT230T / IT331AT / IT220AT / IT221BT
12     Pr. Based on IT230T / IT331AT / IT220AT / IT221BT
1     Soft.Test.andQA
2     Cust Rela Mgmt
3     Ethics and Cyber law
4     UML
5     Internet Prog.Usg PHP
6     ERP
7     Animation
8     Mobile Computing
10     SEMINAR