Goals & Objectives

“Following are the objectives of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad College, Aurangabad to disseminates create and preserve knowledge and understand by teaching, research, extension and service and by effective demonstration and influence of its corporate, extension and society."

The main objectives of the Institute are:

1)To provide computer management and other professional education facilities in the rural area.

2)To inculcate values and overall personality development.

3)Making rural youth able to find out employment.

4)Availing necessary opportunities to outstanding student for bright career prospects.

5)Making students clear of utterance and behavior.

6)Inculcating humanity and patriotism.

7)Inspiring the students about the importance of time and discipline.

8)To focus on developing integrated student personalities to achieve the highest level of nobility and self respect.

9)To pave the way for self-empowerment to help the society in a responsible manner.

10)To assist in the pursuit of excellence in the fields of science and technology.

11)To foster in students the spirit of nationalism and esprit-de-corps.

12)To develop scientific tamper in students and bring them into a new realm of technological consciousness.

13)To impart quality education in both classrooms and laboratories.


To achieve the above objectives of the Institute the vital role is played by the Institute library. Library is the center for providing the intellectual gains to student as well as the faculty. The proceeding section of the chapter deals with detail explanation about library system, its functionalities and subsystems.